Willard Jenkins

Tetra's "natural" sound:

I'm listening right now and the first CD up is one which begins with a track of solo piano (the latest release by the late pianist John Hicks) and I was immediately struck by the pristine sound of that piano, how crisp, clean and natural it sounds. I keep coming back to that word 'natural' because these speakers truly sound like what one might encounter in a live performance environment blessed with a very 'true' sound system. Other speaker systems seem designed to somehow boost or rather artificially enhance the sound atmosphere, while these Tetras are apparently designed to provide you with a sound atmosphere akin to what you might expect from the best live environment. And all facets of the ensemble are beautifully discernable.


Willard Jenkins

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Noted journalist-broadcaster-producer Willard Jenkins is also the Artistic Director of the Tri-C JazzFest in Cleveland, the BeanTown Jazz Festival and the Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

Mr. Jenkins read about Tetra in Jazz Times Magazine and called us saying "If it's good enough for Ron..."

Willard rocks his 120U's with a NAD receiver.

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I keep coming back to that word