Vezi Tayyeb

Kensington Sound's Vezi Tayyeb gets Tetra-fied

Cheers to all those others who have been recently Tetra-fied. Being an old-school musical refugee from the 60's, I was skeptical when Bill and Adrian first approached me with with their unique speakers. However, after only 30 seconds, I knew they were very special indeed. I applaud Tetra for making it so much easier to HEAR. I heard stuff on some well-worn productions of mine I never knew existed....luckily, for all concerned, most of it was in tune and somewhat in time!

After a few pleasant auditions and imported beer enhanced dialogue, I eventually graduated up to the Tetra 505's (powered by my beloved ancient Bryston 4-B) which I recently used exclusively as my final mix monitors for a project I have been producing over the last year. For me as a producer, getting the lead vocal to 'sit' comfortably in the mix is almost the whole secret to producing a successful record. I can honestly say, that for the first time in my somewhat challenged memory, all my lead vocal levels were finally, consistently dead on (not a small feat), precisely where I had wanted them to be. Adjusting minute elements of reverb decay, chorus and delay settings, panning decisions and any eq. adjustments were a breeze and translated perfectly on all other systems. To be honest, I wrestled a bit with the bottom (the whole resonance approach is uncharted waters for me) ....I'm old-fashioned and I like to hear the thwack of a 12" or 15" woofer like my old JBL 4343's or even my current JBL 4311's (circa 70's) no matter what dangerous and misleading garden path they lead me down.However, once I got used to hearing what Tetra hears across the entire frequency spectrum, I was even able to work out the bottom end issues to my satisfaction.

Are they perfect??

That's a loaded and to some degree, pointless question that I'll leave to other more qualified audiophiles than myself to answer. All I know is that they made a convert out of me and that's no simple task. Embracing new technology quickly is not usually my forte. I 'm still trying to figure out why my microwave burns my toast.

Note from Tetra

Vezi has engineered projects with Daniel Lanois, Alannah Myles, Teenage Head, Steve Kupka from Tower of Power, Murray Mclauchlan and Chris Spedding. He also has produced artists such as the Drifters, Bill Colgate, the Lincolns, Melwood Cutlery and Steve Fox.

Vezi writes:

Bill Colgate's boomer bust Bill Colgate's album 'boomer bust' should be out soon...I just finished mixing a new-rock band called Sam was just mastered in N.Y. at Sony so that should be out soon...oh yeah, forgot...finished Bill Bridges jazz album should be out in about a month or so...going to Japan in a few weeks with the Drifters, coming mix MY Cd with my co-producer who is flying in from Hong Kong to help me...should be done by march come April there should be at least 4 Tetra-fied Vezi-produced albums released...will keep you posted.

I applaud Tetra for making it so much easier to HEAR. -Vezi Tayyeb
Bill O'Hara, Tetra's V.P. Business Development, welcoming Vezi into the family.