Tetra 111

Live-size your two-way Tetras with our new Tetra-specific subwoofer.

Over our almost 20 year history we have heard from many extremely satisfied Tetra owners who expressed an interest in achieving a little more "oomph" from their Tetras, but only if they wouldn't lose the seamless integration of the Tetras they already owned and loved. In a word, if our sub design was going to be successful it would have to have our characteristic distortion-free clarity but make the Tetra "experience" even better.

This was not a simple request! After months of designing, listening and tweaking, listening and tweaking, and listening and tweaking some more, we are so very pleased to present the Tetra Listening Instrument 111 Subwoofer for your listening enjoyment.

The Tetra 111 is an acoustically - suspended, passive 8" side-firing, mirror-imaged and sealed design that breaks new ground with all the usual Tetra-flare. Our subwoofer makes room integration a breeze. It will add depth and breadth but without the artifact of "room - boom" that needlessly shakes your walls and distorts your listening experience.

We promise that it will take our 222 speaker to the next level(see 333 STACK) and that it also makes a great standalone addition to our other models up to and including the 400 series.So order your single or pair of Tetra 111s today and add that exact right amount of wonderful foundation to your Tetra joy.


Frequency response 25 (-5 dB) - 120 Hz
Impedance 8 ohms (nominal)
Operating frequency < 120 Hz
Woofer 8" Polypropylene Cone, Rubber Surround
Power handling 200 watts per channel
Weight 47 lbs (21 kg)
Dimensions 29" H x 12" W x 17" D (73 cm x 30 cm x 43 cm)