The Tetra Story

It's Our 20th Tetraversary!!

... well not quite. You see we actually incorporated Tetra Speakers in 1994 however we spent our first four years in a developmental stage where we systematically examined every speaker building "rule" by asking the question "how come" thereby analyzing but more importantly playing with every possible variable in speaker design in our quest to bring forth what is essentially the world's first distortion-free "listening instrument"™. And now remarkably hEar we are twenty years later and our Live 506 listening instrument remains both beloved by their listeners and very much sought after by music lovers and musicians alike around the globe. So, to celebrate our first twenty years we have decided to re-visit the 506 and have actually managed to coax even more of that good stuff out of them. We are so excited with our discovery that we have decided to launch them under the name the Phoenix line. Witness our new Phoenix model TZ as our latest offering in the Phoenix line that includes our 120U, 222, 333, 505-C and our Rob Fraboni Signature 606. Like the Live 506 the TZ is an 8" two-way over-achiever that punches way above its weight class all the while melting the hardest of hearts while performing the renowned Tetra-style disappearing act.

Adrian Butts, President and head of design at Tetra speakers (he calls himself an Art-gineer) has had a long and storied history in the audio-video world that dates back over 40 years. But it was always the magic of the speaker that most captured his imagination saying "To this day I have not lost my mystical fascination about how we can transform small electrical impulses into sound waves and ultimately reconstitute recorded music in the home." That Tetra has gone on to create a speaker that so easily captures the ears and business of so many musicians, weekend warriors through to musical icons is a precise testament to a job very well done indeed. (See Who's Listening hEar) But don't fret, one need not be a musician to know when music sounds truthful and right. The main thing about Tetra is that the experience of listening to music through Tetras always exceeds the hyperbole and everybody gets it!

The unfortunate reality about building a better 'mouse-trap' is that it's not always accepted by the status quo. Even though everyone says that they want better for less the truth is not always so. And that is why Tetra has adopted a direct to listener approach to sales. Not only does going to market in this way mean that we can sell better for less it also allows us to get to know each and every one of our customers personally.And at the end of the day that is exactly the kind of business we want to do hEar at Tetra.We hope that you will consider our 14 day in-home listening program so that you can get the Tetra listening experience yourself in the comfort of your own home and let us demonstrate to you directly that you really can get what you really, really want. Better for less! It's your decision. Please write or call us today to learn more about getting yourself seated front row center with a demonstration pair of Tetra Listening Instruments™. As it is often said hEar at Tetra... the proof is in the pudding.