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September 9th, 2009

I listened to Miles Davis' Porgy and Bess, which I've heard many times over the years, and I heard it really for the first time. Usually you hear the music; on the Tetras you hear the performance. I suggest listening to the Miles Davis "Porgy and Bess" and "Miles Ahead" remixes on Columbia by Phil Schaap, (CK 65141 and CK 65121), which include rehearsal tracks.

On some recordings I've heard what they hear in the studio where they are doing the mixing, and I can tell the choices they made. With the Tetras you can really tell whether a recording was well made, or not. That includes classical music, not just jazz. I'm now listening even closer to my Bartok and Hindemith. These listening instruments are miraculous! Thank-you Adrian!


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I'm so happy to be joining some of my musical friends, Ron, Herbie, Wayne and others as listeners to a true representation of our musical endeavors. -Sonny Greenwich