Francis Dunnery

December 8th 2007:

Hi guys, I just remembered something that I wanted to share with you. When we were last in Canada doing house concerts I met a guy called Adrian Butts who claimed that he made the best speakers in the world. Now, I'm definitely not an audiophile and I have never even considered getting into Hi Fi speakers or Hi Fi amps but I was interested to sample these speakers to see if they lived up to his claims. I have met a few audiophiles on my travels and I always wrote them off as a bunch of crackpots. However, Adrian kept telling me that he made the best speakers in the world and he invited me to listen to them. I didn't particularly want to go because I was afraid I wouldn't know what the hell he was talking about but I went to his listening rooms and I have to say I was completely flabbergasted with what I heard. It was unbelievable. The sound was so incredibly real and detailed that I thought I had smoked a pound of marijuana!

Compared to normal speakers these are High Definition.

I don't know what he does to make them sound like this but please try and find a place where you can check them out. I give you my word they are f@#king unbelievable. The speakers are "Tetra" and you can find out more about them at

They are endorsed by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Keith Richards and Ron Carter to name but a few and they are a whole new way of experiencing music. You don't listen to these speakers, you experience them!

I already got mine, do yourself a favour and get a pair, I swear you will never hear anything like this.

Francis Dunnery

Hello From Adrian:

Francis Dunnery is my all-time favorite singer/songwriter/artist and now he's my new friend. Of course, the fact that he has played guitar with everyone from Santana to Robert Plant to Yes and has just played a concert in my house doesn't hurt his standing with me either. The House Concert that Francis performed at our place in Ottawa last month was a once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved, including 'yours truly'. Francis has an uncanny ability to connect with everyone in attendance and I can't tell you how many people were deeply affected by Francis's music and anecdotal stories and felt that this concert was put on exclusively for them. So, if you would like to experience Francis yourself with a few select friends, apply for your own House Concert below. Be sure to tell them that Adrian and Tetra sent you! Francis's concerts are intoxicant-free events out of respect for the artist. This fact makes his comment about "a pound of marijuana" even more illuminating.

Thank you for listening,


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You don't listen to these speakers, you experience them! -Francis Dunnery
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