David Torn

We visit the amazing David Torn ...

We visited the amazing David Torn at his studio, the LoopPool. An acclaimed guitarist / texturalist / producer / composer, it's hard to sum up this man's many accomplishments. From acclaimed solo releases and high-profile session work to major studio film scores and the mixing of numerous CD projects including a Grammy win for Jeff Beck's "Jeff." This dude is one busy dude!

To get the full perspective, a visit to David's website is advised: www.davidtorn.net . David was so impressed by the accuracy of the Tetra 505 that he's already mixed and credited Tetra on two recent CD projects: Drew Gress and Herb Robertson – with several others in the queue. David also mixed the soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's multiple Oscar-winning movie "The Departed" and worked with legends David Bowie and Sting. David refers to his Tetras as "the best thing that has ever happened to me professionally!" Go, David, Go!

David Torn drops Adrian and Tetra a note ....

Dear Adrian,

"It should be somewhat telling that I used the Tetra speakers, for the first time, while mixing Drew Gress' 'Seven Black Butterflies' for Premonition Records - I am most proud of the openess, warmth & spatiality of these mixes, much props are due to you & Tetra, for this playback system; the Tetras are clearly helping me improve the sound of my mixes!"

David Torn / Splattercell - NY 2006

Read more about David Torn in Paul Olson's article: David Torn: A Lifetime of Improvisation in Non-Improvisational Settings in All About Jazz's publication from October 8, 2007.

Tetra speakers have changed my life! -David Torn
David "Dude" Torn with one lucky Tetra 'Dog'!