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HeartH Star Festival:One

Published: May 20, 2020 

Welcome Aboard HeartH Star Festival:One

 A Unique World-Wide Music and Art Festival.

The HeartH Star Festival:One is a live 3-day on-line festival intended to
weave an international array of passionate storytellers, dancers,
healers and musicians into a beautiful tapestry of sound, light and
colour. Please join us at our opening ceremony from the beach in Maui this Thursday and participate in the creation of our collective world-wide tapestry. It’s all too beautiful!

Featuring: Ron Carter, Stanley Jordan, Dick Cooper, Gary Nicholson,
Lucas Haneman, JENNA Nation, Rob Fraboni, Nick Tremulis,
The World Peace Coalition, John Kelman, Five Man Electrical Band
 and much, much more.

HeartH Star Festival Online Times

Live Streaming on YouTube & Facebook Live
Thursday May 21st 9AM HST/ 12PM PST/ 3PM EDT
Friday May 22nd 9AM HST/12 PM PST/ 3PM EDT
Saturday May 23nd 6AM HST/9AM PST/ 12PM EDT