Benny Golson

Tetra gets a "Love 'ya" from Grammy-winning Jazz Legend Benny Golson


In devising your most unusual speakers you've revealed the inner workings of your creative mind and your merciful heart. Yes, merciful because of your great concern for those of us who appreciate a natural sound of the music we love, play and listen to. Up 'til now I've only been partly satisfied with speakers of all sort, and only did I know this until I heard the miracle of your speakers straight from heaven. I will do all in my power to help with the perpetuation of them. The entire world should know about this global phenomenon called Tetra. You will eventually change the way the world thinks, listens and longs for this thing you've released from the confines of your capacious, creative and imaginative mind... something quite extraordinary that will live past your time-the earmarks of a true genius. With a prolixity of words, I'm simply trying to say ... they're fantastic, Adrian!!!

Love 'ya,


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I'm simply trying to say they're fantastic, Adrian!!! -Benny Golson
Benny Golson's New York Scene.
Three little words. Adrian, Benny, Tetra.