Artet Cables

Nothing escapes the system

Looking to un-lock the hidden potential in your system? Have great components and wondering if your system can be improved upon? Own a pair of Tetra Listening Instruments?

For you we proudly present our new Artet speaker and interconnect cables. Designed to be sonically neutral and transparent (like our Listening Instruments), Artet cable enables the musical signal to be transmitted without colorations or alterations. Constructed of the highest quality 99.9 % oxygen - free copper, our proprietary (and patented) conductor winding process ensures virtually no signal loss between components. Further, our cables possess no unusual electrical characteristics that alter frequency response. As such, they work equally well with both tube and solid-state amplifiers and do not act as tone controls. If you have great components, Artet cables will allow you to hear everything your system is capable of reproducing.

Naturally, our cabling is a perfect match for our Listening Instruments, but can also yield excellent results in any system that demands sonic neutrality and transparency. So isn’t it time for you to experience the sonic advantages of Artet Cables?