The Tetrahedron has Beautiful and Unique Properties

All four vertices are the same distance from each other and it is the only platonic solid with no parallel faces.

At Tetra, our philosophy is that every Tetra Listening Instrument™ must deliver the rush of a physiological response to the music being played. We call them HRMs (hair raising moments) and every recording has them. Our wish is that you will experience this euphoria for yourself and become part of the Tetra Story.

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The Signature Series Fraboni 606 v.2

Audiophile Speakers or Finely-Tuned Listening Instruments™?

Tetra Speakers has been making finely-tuned listening instruments™ (high end speakers) since 1994. From the beginning, it was musicians and music producers who stood up and shouted about Tetra's refreshing take on sound reproduction.

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Who's Listening to our Speakers

Because of the many unsolicited accolades coming in to Tetra Speakers, it soon became apparent that these musical minds were the hands-down choice for Tetra to reference as critics. After all, these were the people who created the music in the first place.

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Tetra Speakers News and Events

New products, listeners, ambassadors, events and shows, everything Tetra!

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