Tetra Speakers

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Most people will comment about the great sound of the 506 Tetra speakers.

I agree with all of that; accuracy, speed, imaging, they are all wonderful. But, I want to comment on the look of the speaker. Objects should not have, in visual terms, a good side and bad side. Rather objects should look good without respect to which of its sides one views. The foregoing is particularly true of speakers because they generally are out in a room; away from a wall to enhance the reproduction of music. Speakers almost universally ignore this important visual consideration; the 506 Tetra does not. The 506 Tetra looks good viewed from any direction. Hurray!

Also, audiophiles generally think speakers sound better without their grill cloths.Terry meets Herbie Trouble is the speaker usually looks the worse for the missing grill cloth; not the 506 Tetra. Without the grill cloth the circular bas-relief created by the speaker cones actually improves the visual attributes of the whole speaker system. First time I have encountered such a thing. In short the 506 is a great speaker!

Thanks to Tetra and my terrific dealer:

Tetra File Terry meets Who's Listening Herbie backstage at Carnegie Hall.

Tetra Speakers

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