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Stefan and Belle

Just a quick note to let you know about the recent arrival of our newest family member, a pair of 505s that were delivered from your old friend (and now our new friend) Michael Silver at Audio High. He had a pair on their homepage and we thought it would be nice to handle it thru him. There is still plastic and wrapping stuff in the living room, but the basic set-up is done. My wife and I first first listened to Herbie's "River/Joni Letters" and everything that has been said about Tetra is 110% right. After a concert track with Frank Sinatra singing "All the Way" (from 1957) it was a blissful state in our little far-far-away corner of Tokyo and we almost had to pinch ourselves in the arm to believe it.

I'm a bit sleepy today in the office, from the overwhelming musical immersion but can't wait to meet more music tonight. We totally enjoy the music that is set free now, and a Japanese music friend cried (from happiness) listening the other day ;-) Your listening instruments transcend all borders! When the cherry trees were in full bloom outside the living room, it was the perfect background to the 505s (made from dark cherry).

Mochizuk, Dag and Stefan
Stefan's friends Mochizuk (hugging the 505) and Dag.

airmail skiers

Stefan & Belle's greetings for 2008.

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