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That treble is as smooth as liver pâté ...

Canadian Kennel Club Champion Bull Terrier "Roofus"
(an audiophile dog) and Don Mann enjoy a relaxing moment ...

"After I had hooked up your 505's in my system for the first time; I tested my wiring accuracy, using the Stereophile Test CD. This recording features Sam Tellig and Ralph the dog doing the channel checks. One of my bull terriers (Roofus) was sitting on the sofa during the tests. When Ralph the dog on the CD, barked on the left channel, my dog Roofus jumped up, stared at the left 505 speaker and barked back. When Ralph identified the right channel with a woof, Roofus stared at the right speaker and barked. When Ralph did the "in phase" check Roofus looked at the TV between the two speakers and barked back at Ralph. When Ralph barked his "out-of-phase" test Roofus looked all around the room trying to spot the phantom dog. It was really amusing and we have repeated the process several times for fun.

Roofus's agent has authorized the use of this story ..." - Don Mann

Left channel                        In phase                        Right channel

Roofus's listening preferences: Kate Bush, "The Kick Inside" and Weather Report "Heavy Weather"

Not only is Roofus a 'Tetra File Dog', he is also the Mascot to Sanderson Roofing:

Tetra Speakers

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