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Richard and Judy

From Richard's Perspective

Since I was twelve I have been an avid listener to music, starting with a wind-up gramophone and 78s in the mid 1940s and evolving to owning some of today's wonderful music reproduction technology. I graduated to 'hi fi' speakers in 1960 and have owned a number of well known British and American makes since.

When I first heard about Tetra speakers I dismissed them without bothering to hear them. How could a small local manufacturer compete with big companies like Wharfedale, B&W, Tannoy, etc? My bias was compounded by hearing locally produced speakers before, and they were awful.

Curiosity and a persuasive wife finally brought me to Adrian's shop to audition the Tetra range. I was astonished, amazed at the quality. Realistic bass in classical, jazz and rock music, a rarity in speakers; wonderful smooth treble; exciting mid-range, impressive transient response, great depth in the stereo image, clear separation of instruments and voices in large choral works and much more. Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin and Luciano Pavarotti sound as if they are in the room!

Since that audition three months ago I have lived with the Tetras, playing radio and CDs and they continue to impress me.

From Judy's Perspective

"Persuasive wife" doesn't quite describe my effort and our animated discussions before we finally heard Adrian's speakers. In Richard's defence, what could a wife whose hearing cuts out at 1000 hz have to say on a topic that has been a life long interest of a man whose hearing tested at the level of a 17-year-old a few years ago? I have known Adrian for several years, and in the end we went as a favour to me (and to bring an end to the "persuasion").

Richard's instant transformation at the Tetra sound room from tolerant observer to a rapt listener made me think of Saint Paul's conversion on the Road to Damascus. All the bits of imperfection in sound reproduction that Richard noticed in our speakers had been fixed by Adrian. Piano, voices, bass - all sounded the way they are supposed to. It was a great moment - fun and exhilarating - as we listened to bands from the many CDs we brought to test the speakers, all sounding better than ever before. I was enthralled because the Tetras brought such clarity to all the music played in my limited hearing range - plucked bass strings make me feel I'm in the instrument, I am the instrument!

Now that Richard's search for perfect speakers is over, we can live happily ever after. The only remnant of our pre-Tetra life is hearing my husband talk to himself about speakers, now always on a positive note: "My God that's wonderful!" "Listen to the bass." "That piano sounds like we're at a concert." I can live with that.

'The Listener'
Tetra Speakers

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