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In a word, my experience with Tetra has been wonderful.

My audio consultant, Michael Silver at Audio High had me try various systems and various speakers. When I had him play my favorite CD, it was clear there was a difference and that difference was profound. I bought the Lexicon RV-8 and Tetra 120U's for my home. I have a fairly small room so the 120U is the perfect speaker for my situation. I use the speakers primarily for home theater (tv and movies) but also for entertaining. I always receive complements from my guests and usually raves about the quality. Ken RosenbergI put on Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" and it can bring tears to people's eyes; it's that beautiful and wonderfully reproduced by my system.

In short, not only am I thrilled with my decision to buy Tetra, but highly recommend your products to anyone interested in the highest quality products. I can't wait to buy a larger house so I can upgrade to your other products!

Ken Rosenberg

Mission Control
Tetra Speakers

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