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Main System

To help me heal after the death of my wife, I decided that it would be good for me to take a period where I focused on spending more time on those activities that I had always enjoyed. One of the projects I selected was to upgrade my twenty-five year old audio system. Finding better sounding electronics was relatively easy. Finding speakers was not. I just could not find speakers, in any price range, that were of a significant enough improvement to replace my twenty-five year old, $1,000, speakers. I was quite disappointed. With all the technology over that twenty-five year period I would have thought that speakers would be sounding significantly better. During that search I came across Adrian. (There's a story in there about setting up an appointment to demo a pair of Tetras, a break-in at a stereo store, and the thieves stealing one speaker of the Tetra pair that I was supposed to audition.) A short time later Adrian called and asked if I would listen to a pre-production version of his 305's. They had a great sound. Based on the characteristics I was hearing, I agreed to audition his, then top of the line, Live 506's. My search was over. The 506's have lived in my system ever since. And, I invested in the company.

I'm really happy with my system. The Wyetech electronics provide the detail, accuracy and airiness that I like. The 506s have a wonderful effortless nature due to their incredible speed. They resolve the leading edge of transients with depth and clarity, and open-up to all of the information in the following decay, in a way that just makes the music "real". It's like they are not "working", they are just letting the music through, with openness and grace, revealing more. Often, I find myself following a detail threaded through the music-then I let that one go and pick up another, and follow it for a while. Treble, mid-range, bass-it doesn't matter. The speakers really are "Listening Instruments".

playing soon - FUN!!!

Home Theatre

The jewel of my home theatre audio is the centre channel, 505-C. So much of the home theatre experience is conveyed through the centre channel. In my view, the accurate rendition of the human voice, with proper weight and impact, and, oh so clear, is what the 505-C delivers, setting the stage for all of the other channels.

Office System

It may seem odd pairing a set of bookshelf speakers, 120U, with a top of the line Sonic Frontiers Line 3 Preamp, (Special Edition no less, with further modifications), but it works great. When I'm in my office listening to my tuner, I don't need a great deal of presence from the system. What I want is accurate sound, voice and music, with the openness and detail that I like, and the effortlessness that lets me enjoy listening hour after hour. This is the system I listen to the most often and I've never given a second thought to replacing the 120Us. I can easily understand why these are the speaker of choice for critical work in studios. When my son and I finish putting in our home studio, we will be using them as monitors too.

No listener fatigue here.

The 120Us and my Sonic Frontiers Line 3 make for a sweet office system.

No listener fatigue here.

Tetra Speakers

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