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The Tetra 406's had a major impact in the quality of sound
I was getting from my system...

The 'gear' consisted of a Shanling T1000 CD player, YBA pre-amp, Perreaux Amp as well as Tetra's Artet Interconnects. More importantly, the clarity and the musicality that these speakers brought to the system re-awoke the pleasure I used to find in listening to music, prior to the days of young children running around. Saturday Night FeverThe Artet Interconnects were added a few months later and further enhanced the sound. These days there's aways something playing, favourite's include the Arcade Fire, Dave Mathews, Jim Bryson, the latest Neil Young recording from Massey Hall, and many jazz artists such as Joshua Redman, Herbie Hancock and a host of others.

Adrian and his team at Tetra have produced a great looking and a great sounding product. Most of our guest's have been amazed at the quality of sound. Clearly I'm a big fan of the Tetra 406 speakers. At the same time, I'm saving up my pennies. Imagine what the 506's sound like!!!

Saturday Night Fever

Tetra Speakers

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