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The Tetra Story


While most stories have two sides to them our story actually has three. The first side of our story is about our speakers. The second side is all about Tetra speaker owners and the third side is about a top-tier group of music industry professionals who have rallied around to help us design and spread the word about Tetra (click for video).

At Tetra, we acknowledge that music is one of the most powerful forces for change on the planet (the force of nature excluded - although you should hear our new 606) and that the speaker is the most important component in the reproduction of music. For over ten years, we have insisted that the form and function of every Tetra must unite in a visually exciting and viscerally fulfilling experience. Our view is that a speaker must have emotive power even when not playing music - just like the sight of a 1931 Martin guitar impacts us even before a note is played. To us, Tetras are not simply speakers but true "listening instruments" (click for video).

Tetra's approach to design has not changed over the years with one notable exception. We now have the bonus of being able to call upon the expertise of some of the best musicians and recording engineers in the world. These talented individuals appear on our "Who's Listening" pages and their participation is based solely on the thrill of Tetra listening and wanting to help spread the word. We cannot thank them adequately for the inspiration and friendship they have freely provided (click for video).

At Tetra, our philosophy is that every Tetra Listening Instrument must deliver the 'rush' of a physiological response to the music being played. We call them HRMs (hair raising moments) and every recording has them. Our wish is that you will experience this euphoria for yourself and become part of the Tetra Story.

In closing, the three sides of the Tetra Story will always be a work in progress. As we grow we will add more listeners, more listening instruments and more music professionals. Add the Tetra site to your bookmarks so you can follow our progress on this magical musical journey. It's certain to entertain, just like our Listening Instruments!

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