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I love my 506s.

I love my 506s. My 506s reveal so much about the music that they have the similar affect of a good audio compressor. They move the sound right up against the glass - it's almost tangible, you can almost touch it. Listening to these speakers makes me feel guilty. Like drinking a thousand dollar bottle of wine every night, it just doesn't seem right. But once you get used to such unadulterated luxury, accepting your fate as you must, you can then reach that rarefied level of having your cake and eating it too.

Recorded music is an illusion not unlike a movie. It may not be as completely confected but it is confected. The visual illusion may be enjoyed in numerous ways: on your cell phone, on your B&W TV, on your computer, on your 52" high res plasma or LCD. Same with sound. If you want the maximum experience the illusion has to offer, you may attain it with discernment and care and your savings account. It is there. And it shall be called TETRA.

The speakers are so aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to the eye that it is almost unbelievable that a champagne sound should also emanate from what are themselves, works of art. Of course the down side to listening to Tetra Speakers, other than it will spoil you from listening to anything else, is that it will deepen your smile lines. You just can't stop smiling!

About John Synder

As an independent record producer John Snyder has produced nearly 300 "new" recordings since 1977 of which 34 were nominated for Grammy Awards and of those five won Grammy Awards. His record label clients have included A&M, Atlantic, Fantasy, Musicmasters, Concord, RCA, Sony, Antilles, Verve, Private Music, Telarc, GRP, Elektra, Rounder, Columbia, Evidence, and Justin Time. John is a Conrad N. Hilton Eminent Scholar in Music Industry Studies; Professor of Music Industry Studies and Coordinator of Music Industry Studies at Loyola with a B.M.E., University of North Carolina at Greensboro; J.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Learn more here: http://mfa.loyno.edu/facultybios/jsnyder

Tetra Speakers

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