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December 2016

We are pleased to announce the creation of our new direct to listener online store. Check it out hEar…

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September, 2016

Low friends in High places

We are indeed fortunate to have the greatest upright Jazz bassist Dr. Ron Carter as both a customer and as an ambassador for our ‘listening instruments’. Recently we were surprised to learn that our friends at Stereophile had paid the good doctor a visit at his home to interview him for an article about him as both a musician and as an audiophile. We are so grateful that Ron’s life, his work and his stereo have been featured in this way. Of extra special interest to us is how Ron uses his Tetra 606 based home audio system to inform his ‘in studio’ bass playing. Thank you Dr. Carter and Stereophile for this extremely tasty article

February, 2015

John Rowlands with his Tetra speakers For over 50 years iconic photographer John Rowlands has spent his entire life watching and listening to the worlds greatest artists from the best seat in the house.

Tetra Speakers is delighted that John has invited us onto his stage if only through sound and vision.

Thank you John!

January 7th, 2014

Ronnie Ray Padilla

Tetra is very pleased to welcome musician/producer Ronnie Ray Padilla to the Tetra clan. We can't wait to hEar how his Tetrafication plays into his latest projects.

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