Tetra Speakers

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Our first listening instrument, with its special tetrahedron enclosure, is now considered a modern day classic. The elegantly styled 406 features split-front baffles and a front firing port that makes for easy room placement. While these listening instruments make a strong visual statement, the real beauty is in the sound. Put on some music and marvel as the 406s pull a magical disappearing act, leaving behind only musicians.

Combining the best aspects of a point source mini-monitor with the impact of a large floor-stander allows the 406 to not only paint a huge soundstage with precise imaging, but also provide the kind of visceral impact usually associated with much larger floor-standers. High quality drivers, and Cardas internal wiring perfectly matched to a proprietary hard-wired crossover, imbue the 406 with the kind of musicality usually reserved for other manufacturers' 'statement' products.

The perfect marriage of form and functionality; the 406 redefined the musical landscape when it was launched and continues to do so today.

But don't just take our word for it. Grab your favorite discs and head down to your nearest Tetra dealer and find out what so many musicians, industry professionals and hardcore music lovers already know - this is the real deal!

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Freq. Response 35 - 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity 89 dB (2.83Vrms @ 1 meter)
Impedance 8 ohms (nominal), 8 ohms (minimal)
Crossover Frequency 3k Hz
Woofer 6" Morel NeoLin, Neodymium Damped Polymer Composite
Tweeter 1" Morel, Treated Fabric
Power Handling 300 watts per channel
Weight 45 lbs (20.5kg)
Dimensions 38" H x 16" W x 16" D (97 x 41 x 41 cm)
Recommended Room Size small to large
Tetra Speakers

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